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Fashion Photography Tips

Photography is the art of portraying what your eye see's - each photographer has a unique vision which is displayed through their work 


Similarly, every company and designer has a unique vision. Your job as as a photographer is to bring that vision to life. In this video we is will the discuss 5 basic tips.


Tip 1: Build a strong portfolio

  • Your portfolio is your storefront so it is important to have a strong portfolio that demonstrates your visions and style


Tip 2: Build relationships

  • Reach out to makeup artists, hair, wardrobe stylists, and models and collaborate

  • Establish a relationship with modeling agencies

  • When I have vision for a concept I would like to shoot, I create a mood board and reach out to modeling agencies; who in turn send a package of models to select for my project

  • One of the greatest challenges find is when you are shooting outdoors, you can not control the light, so you have to know the best hours to be shooting. My favorite is the hour before sunset, which I call golden hour

  • As a photographer you have to be able to direct and tell your models what to do


Tip 3: Social Media

  • When you are not photographing, you should be working on your social media presence

  • People associate you as a photographer and recommend you

  • Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to generate business


Tip 4. Publications

- In order to gain credibility, your work has to be published

- You should enter competitions or submit editorials 

- Having publications in your portfolio shows your relevancy



Tip 5. Designers 

  • Once you are confident in your work and portfolio, you can reach out to designers, linked in is a powerful tool

  • Do your research, Be daring, talk about the brand’s vision, and how you will bring it to life

  • You should ask yourself, what does this brand represent? Who is their ideal audience, target market?

  • It's all about relationship building. If they like you they will use you for all new collections, possible refer you 


You should know who the big designers are. Designers such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein go through ad agencies, which have their own photographers whom they work with and trust. However, you can possibly try to land an internship to get your foot in the door.

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