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5 Free Tools Every Web Startup Should Use

Top 5 free powerful tools hat every web start up should take advantage of! Not only are they free, but their capabilities are powerful for nearly every industry. Whether you are an online marketer, web developer, or even an online retailer there are the 5 free tools every web startup should use.

1. Wix

Wix is a free website development platform that offers the easiest and most professional tools to build websites. No code is needed, no programing knowledge, all it is, is a simple drag and drop design. Many templates are available for all kinds of industries. What I like most about it is all the cool features of adding buttons, store front, shapes, photos and so many options to expand the creativity of your website.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is an excellent tool to find out trends in all industries. Simply place a keyword into the trend engine and you will get trend information such as locations it is most popular, similar searches that other people are looking for, as well as the amount of people searching for the same thing. Google trends works great for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

3. SpyFu

Ever wondered what your competition is doing online? offers competitive analysis about your competitors, generates a chart of their strengths and weaknesses compared to yours. What I like most about SpyFu is their keyword analysis which shows which words your competitors are ranking for.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool to evaluate your website traffic. Ever wonder how people are finding your website? With Google Analytics, there are tools that show which keywords they are using to find your site, which social media sites they found you from, how long they are staying on your page, and overall their search behavior on your website.

5. Check PageRank

Check Page Rank is a free tool that checks your page rank, including websites that are linking back to your or your competitors site. This is excellent for SEO or for doing a competitive analysis. Pages are ranked from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest ranked page. Don't be turned off if you see you have a page rank of 0 or 1, there are many factors that go into page rank. Those include: years domain is active, how many websites are linking back to yours, PR quality, as well as your Alexa and global score.

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