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Top 5 e-Commerce Trends of 2023

The COVID-2019 pandemic has brought on a digital revolution. It shifted the way we work, study, interact, and consume throughout the world. Although it has been a tough time for many companies, some brands found themselves flourishing because of their adaptation to the digital times. Our team went to the Prosper Show in Las Vegas, and below are the key takeaways and top 5 e-Commerce trends of 2021.

Trend 1: Influencer Marketing

Influencers are by far one of the most effective ways for brands to sell their products online. The media landscape has shifted dramatically in the last decade; including the way people consume content and make purchasing decisions. According to Alison Medina, VP Content for Emerald, working with the Prosper Show team, "Instagram is the hot commodity for influencers right now. Instagram is also a huge piece of the Amazon puzzle. It's a relatively inexpensive way to market yourself on Amazon. If you can create a network of people who love your product, they are your best advocates and they are also your least expensive"

Trend 2: Building Loyalty Using Video

Most online purchasing decisions are influenced by videos that consumers watch. It is important to have a brand story video, that explains why you are different, and the story behind the brand. All for-profit companies, products and services alike, are in the business of solving a problem, and earning money in the process. Consumers however, want to know why you are doing what you are doing, besides for the aspect of making money. It is a good idea to talk about the problem and why you offer what you do.

Trend 3: Times Matter

In marketing, timing is critical. Launching a campaign the day of Halloween is terrible. In fact, it is best to begin marketing your product even before the product is launched. The key takeaways are: knowing the right time to launch a marketing strategy, understanding the target market and how to attract them, creating relevant content, solving their problems with your product, and for the right price are the key components to a brands success.

Trend 4. Content, content, content

Content is essential for e-Commerce companies to be successful online, because it shares the information that is needed by consumers to make their purchasing decision. According to Allison Medina, "User generated content is one of the best content that any brand can put out there, because it is your most loyal advocates telling other people why they should love you too."

Trend 5: Figuring out Shipping issues

Finally, one of the biggest e-Commerce trends of 2021, according to Alison Medina, is explosive growth. "For a long time, in the retail market in general, it was the digital transformation, where brands had to figure out how to sell online. Now it's not just a transformation, its an acceleration; so everything you said you will do, you have to do faster. Every grocery store had to figure out how to do curbside. You had to figure out how to sell online or you did not make money for a whole year. Brands have to figure out how to be better and faster because that is your differentiator in the market."


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